Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience & new customer pocket.

How to start selling online ?

List Your Products

* Create a product catalogue.
* Get professional help for photoshoot and upload.

Receive Orders

* Get text confirmation for order.
* Keep your product packed for dispatch.

Dispatch Order

* Helpful Pickup Services.
* Deliver your product online across over Gorakhpur.

Receive Payment

* Get help on every step of selling.
* Receive payment in your account once your orders are fulfilled.

Next Step

What do you need to register as a seller ?

Fee taken by Mixxkart

As a seller, you will manage your product via our seller panel & you will set the price of your product. Once you get the order for your product, just give a wrap & ready the product for dispatch & the logistic partner will pic up the product & deliver it soon. Once order get placed, you will get your product amount as per norms. For all that stuff, Mixxkart portal charge you a small fee on the every successful order you make. Now the question is, how much-

1 +

Commission Fees

A small percentage of product is taken by Mixxkart as a form of commission.

2 +

Shipping Charge

Calculated on the basic of weight, distance & the category of the product.



18% of the fee taken by Mixxkart.

According to activeties done by a seller, quality of the product, packaging & handover timing to logistic partner seller categories as seller type A, seller type B, seller type c. Once an order is successfully dispatched, mixxkart taken the processing fee and you get paid your amount within the next 2-5 days.


Online selling of your product by some other portal is a way to reach out the customers who is looking products online. It enables you to list and sell your products to the users who is the potential buyers of a particular portal. Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience & new customer pocket.

Product listing means filling out all the information, product discription & uploading images so that a potential buyers can make an informed buying decision.

1. First list the products which you want to sell.
2. Potential customer of portal makes a purchase here.
3. You will gat a text confirmation about to ship the product.
4. Match the ordered product. Give a wrap and ready the product for dispatch & the logistic partner will pic up the product & deliver it soon.
5. Once order get placed, we will settle your payment soon as per norms.

1. Pan
3. Bank account
4. A product with the information.

You will manage your products via our seller panel where you easily manage your products & again as a seller, you will set the price of your product.

One of the secrets to sell more products is pricing your product properly. A best price can enhance how much you sell. Get your pricing strategy wrong & you may get a bed sell experience. Figure out how much you're targeting & price accordingly. Again, when pricing product on Mixxkart, please calculate all the fee taken by Mixxkart marketplace.

Don't be worried about the delivery, we will responsible for the delivery of your product. All you need to do is keep it packed & ready for dispatch.

Don't worry, we make the fastest settlement for your amount. Based on your product packaging and quality, you get paid within 2-5 days from the date of delivery in your account. It's 2 days for diamond seller, 4 for gold seller and 5 for silver seller. As a seller, you let us know about your product price and we just deduct a small processing fee on your every successful purchase.

Yes, sure you get the best professional help by Mixxkart team and network. Get your documentation, photoshoot, catalog operation and few more begining activities done with ease from our services network.

What do you want to sell?

Why to sell on Mixxkart?

Mixxkart is Gorakhpur's open marketplace where anyone can sell the products online. All you need to just setup a seller account & start to creat your catalog. As a service provider organization, we help you identify the most relevant catalog for your item, provide logistics, Photoshoot & quality packaging. This help potential buyers find your item quickely & stay with your brand such as manner as that. In initial phase, we also provide you the pricing guidance for throughout the process. Get order for your product, pack your item and handover it to logistic partner on time. So if I go to summarize this, mixxkart is a great way to make cash by online selling your products. It is accessible to anyone, but make sure you take the proper steps to educate yourself about mixxkart before jumping in. Once order get placed, we will settle your payment as fastest as that. This is why as a seller, mixxkart is a best place to stay & serve online.

Thank You